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John Bramblitt tells us why he does.

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I have no idea how many photos I have posted of Fortaleza and the travels of the Luíz Mendes family and friends, but the number "feels" large. So, perhaps it's time to post a links to past collections.

Collections at Flickr

Collections from Cefli and elsewhere at Imageevent

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And blessings to those who are able to rush to the aid of those needing help.

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Many consider the making the sacrament -- the Santo Daime -- to be the most integrated and profound spiritual work of the tradition.


Every step in the process is ritualized, beginning as the women collect and wash the Rainha leaves


and the men gather and clean the Jagube vine.


Then the polarities -- men and women, macracá and mallet, leaf and vine, water and fire -- are brought together in the work of producing the holy sacrament.

The videos tell the story best.


For more pics click here.


Pequenininho (the very tiny one) symbolizes the essence of the Santo Daime spiritual path. It is also the title of the hymnal of Saturnino Brito do Nascimento, which was sung during the final spiritual work of the 2010 Encounter for the New Horizon

Saturnino and Luzirene

Pequenininho, pequenininho
Pequenininho to follow the path

Great in joy
Great in truth
Great in harmony
Great in humility

Pequenininho, pequenininho
Pequenininho to follow the path

Great in firmness
Great in love
Great in sureness
Of our Father Creator

Pequenininho, pequenininho
Pequenininho to follow the path

Videos from the spiritual work follow.

Friday, February 26, 2010


One of the most looked-forward-to events at the annual Encounter for the New Horizon is the cultural night which begins with a theater of family and folklore at the Salão do Cípo in the forest and then continues at the church with drinking daime, dancing forró and generally celebratiing the culture of Northeast Brazil, the place of origin for many of the rubber-tappers and migrating peoples who settled in Acre during the 20th Century.

This year the theater focused on the life of Padrinho Luíz.

Teatro ...

(or go to Flickr set directly)

Forró ...

(or go to Flickr set directly)

Cicero and popular culture ...

(or go to Flickr set directly)

The videos follow, first with forró and an unusual band where the normal accordion is replaced by a saxophone. The saxophonist is João Braz who used to be invited to play at the concentrações of Mestre Irineu.

Popular culture and dance from Northeast Brazil ...


The Day Of the Holy Kings marks the beginning of the yearly calendar of the Santo Daime tradition ... a perfect time for fardamentos (Michela and Lucas) and a baptism (José Daniel).

Here are some photos:

(or go to Flickr set directly)

(or go to Flickr set directly)

And here are a few videos

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To all of our great joy, Padrinho Luiz attained 70 years and we had what he would call a "festaissima" (a great party).

First, a few photos

(or view the Flickr set)

and here are a bunch of videos beginning with singing hinário of Mestre Irineu

The festivities during the interval in singing the hinario were especially spirited.

And in the morning a breakfast of song, birthday cake and fireworks...

PARABÉNS e VIVA para nosso Mestre Conselheiro Luíz Mendes

from Reino do Sol

The celebration of the 70th birthday of Padrinho Luíz Mendes was central event of the 2010 Encounter for a New Horizon. But the big party was a few days off so the delegation from the São Paulo church Reino do Sol gave a warm-up tribute.

Here are a few photos...

(or view the flickr set directly)

The videos follow:


The day of spiritual works in the forest is a great favorite among visitors to Fortaleza. It begins with everyone gathering at the church, then hiking into the forest to visit three terreiros (clearings in the forest), drinking Daime at each one and singing hymns in praise of nature, the Queen of the Forest and the doctrine of Juramidam.

The slideshow below carries us through the first part of the day-long event which will extend into the night.

(or view the flickr set directly)

Videos from the day follow.


It is always a special moment of sharing when someone presents their new hymns (often informally during an interval). During the interval at the New Year's work, Solon Brito -- brother of Saturnino and son of Mad Rizelda and Pad Luíz -- offered three recent arrivals to family and friends.

more videos follow


Bringing in the New Year at Fortaleza is a grand all-nighter -- about 15 hours reaching well into the first morning of the new year -- singing all of the hymns of Mestre Conselheiro Luíz Mendes and many interval entertainments.

Here are the photos across the 15 hour celebration:

(or view the flickr set directly)

The baptism of Daniel:

(or view the flickr set directly)

The videos are below:

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This is the first in a series of posts documenting the 2010 Encounter for the New Horizon and recent scenes from Fortaleza (in Capixaba, Acre) which is the spiritual retreat center of the family of Mestre Conseheiro Luíz Mendes and many friends.

It has been taking quite awhile to bring this material together and to the Internet due to the challenges of being in rural Amazônia so I've had to wait to come to the city of Rio Branco where Internet and electric energy are much more dependable. Sorry for the long delay but I'm pleased to finally be able to share the results.

The 2010 Encounter for the New Horizon opened on the night of 30 December 2009 with a spiritual session of Concentração (concentration) which featured a pajélança presentation by Shaneihu, a young shaman ("pajé") in a line of shamans from the Yananawa people. Pajélança is a musical healing tradition. More about it (in Portuguese) here and here.

The slideshow below begins with the Concentration and ends with Shaneihu administering the Indian snuff called rapé.

(or view the flickr set directly)

3 videos of the beautiful songs of Shaneihu are below.


Lyrics in several languages over the jump.

More info here.


Eu chamo a força, eu chamo a força
eu chamo a força
força das pedras para me firmar
Eu chamo a terra, eu chamo a terra
eu chamo a terra
eu chamo a terra para me enraizar

Eu chamo o vento, eu chamo o vento
eu chamo o vento
eu chamo o vento vem me elevar
Eu chamo o fogo, eu chamo o fogo
eu chamo o fogo
eu chamo o fogo para me purificar

Eu chamo a Lua, chamo o Sol
chamo as estrelas
Chamo o universo para me iluminar
Eu chamo a água, chamo a chuva
e chamo o rio
Eu chamo todos para me lavar

Eu chamo o raio, o relâmpago e o trovão
Eu chamo todo o poder da criação
Eu chamo o mar, chamo o céu e o infinito
Eu chamo todos para nos libertar

Eu chamo Cristo, eu chamo Budha
Eu chamo Krishna
Eu chamo a força de todos orixás
Eu chamo todos com suas forças divinas
Eu quero ver o universo iluminar

Eu agradeço pela vida e a coragem
Ao universo pela oportunidade
E a minha vida eu dedico com amor
Ao sonho vivo da nossa humanidade

Sou mensageiro, sou cometa, eu sou indígena
Eu sou filho da nação do Arco Íris
Com meus irmãos eu vou ser mais um
Na nobre causa do Inka Redentor

Eu sou guerreiro, eu sou guerreiro e vou lutando
A minha espada é a palavra do amor
O meu escudo é a bondade no meu peito
E o meu elmo são os dons do meu senhor

Eu agradeço a nossa Mãe e ao nosso Pai
E aos meus irmãos por todos me ajudar
A minha glória para todos eu entrego
Porque nós todos somos um nesta união

Ñdarei a sã
ñdarei a sã
ñdarei a sã
Desde o principio
todos nós somos irmãos!
Orei ouá
Orei ouá
Orei ouá
Viva o Poder de todo o universo!



I call the force, I call the force
I call the force
forces of the stones to firm me
I call the earth, I call the earth
I call the earth
I call the earth to root me

I call the wind, I call the wind
I call the wind
I call the wind comes to rise me up
I call the fire, I call the fire
I call the fire
I call the fire to become purified

I call the Moon, I call the Sun
I call the stars
I call the universe to illuminate me
I call the water, I call the rain
and I call the river
I call all to wash me

I call the ray, the lightning and the thunder
I call all the power of the creation
I call the sea, I call the sky and the infinite
I call all to free us

I call Christ, I call Budha
I call Krishna
I call the force of all Orixás
I call all with their divine forces
I want to see the universe light up

I thank for the life and the courage
To the universe for the opportunity
And my life I dedicate with love
To our humanity's alive dream

I am messenger, I am comet, I am indigenous
I am son of the nation of the rainbow
With my siblings I will be one more
In the noble cause of Inka Redentor

I am warrior, I am warrior and I am going struggling
My sword is the word of the love
My shield is the kindness in my chest
And my helmet is my gentleman's talents

I thank our Mother and to our Father
And to all my brothers for to help me
My glory for all I give
Because us all are one in this union

Ñdarei a sã
ñdarei a sã ñdarei a sã
ñdarei a sã
From the begining
all of us are brothers!
Orei ouá
Orei ouá
Orei ouá
Live the Power of the whole universe!



El que une la verdad...
Llamo la fuerza, llamo la fuerza
llamo la fuerza
fuerza de las piedras para firmarme
Llamo la terra, llamo la terra
llamo la terra
llamo la tierra para enraizarme

Llamo el viento, Llamo el viento
Llamo el viento
Llamo el viento vem a elevarme
Llamo el fuego, Llamo el fuego
Llamo el fuego
Llamo el fuego para purificarme

Llamo la luna, llamo el Sol
llamo las estrelas
Llamo el universo para iluminarme
Llamo el agua, llamo la lluvia
y llamo el rio
los llamo a todos para lavarme

Llamo el rayo, el relámpago y el trueno
Llamo todo el poder de la creacion
Llamo el mar, llamo el cielo y el infinito
Llamo a todos para libertarnos

Yo llamo Cristo, llamo a Budha
llamo a Krishna
Llamo la fuerza de los Orixás
Llamo a todos con sus fuerzas divinas
Yo quiero ver el universo iluminar

Yo agradezco por la vida y el corage
Al universo por la oportunidad
Y mi vida dedico con amor
al sueño vivo de nuestra humanidad

Soy mensajero, soy cometa, soy indígena
Soy hijo de la nación del Arco Íris
con mis hermanos voy a ser un guerrero más
En la noble causa del Inca redentor

Yo soy guerrero, soy guerrero y voy luchando
Mi espada es la palabra del Amor
Mi escudo es la bondad en mi pecho
Y mi casco son los dones de mi señor

Yo agradezco a nuestra Madre y a nuestro Padre
Y a mis hermanos por ayudarme
Mi gloria para todos yo entrego
Porque todos somos uno dentro de esta unión

Ñdarei a sã
ñdarei a sã
ñdarei a sã
Desde el principio
todos somos hermanos!
Orei ouá
Orei ouá
Orei ouá
Viva el Poder de todo el universo!


سلحشور صلح ال qué unë در verdad من اسمش زور ، من اسمش قدرت من اسمش قدرت نیروی سنگ ها به من ثابت من اسمش زمین ، من اسمش زمین من اسمش زمین من تماس بگیرید برای دریافت زمین ریشه
من اسمش باد ، من اسمش باد من اسمش باد من اسمش باد آمد بلند من تا من اسمش آتش من اسمش آتش من اسمش آتش من اسمش را به آتش مرا پاک
من اسمش ماه ، من خورشید ستاره کهکشان من اسمش را به من تعلیم من اسمش آب تماس ، من تماس با باران و من اسمش تمام رودخانه برای شستن
من اسمش رعد و برق ، رعد و برق و غرش من اسمش تمام قدرت خلقت من اسمش دریا ، بینهایت آسمان تماس بگیرید و من اسمش را به هر کس آزاد است؟
من اسمش مسیح ، من اسمش را بودا من اسمش کریشنا من اسمش قدرت تمام خدایانشان من اسمش همه نیروهای خود را الهی من می خواهم برای دیدن نور جهان
من از شما سپاسگزارم به زندگی و جهان شده توسط شجاعت و فرصت را وقف زندگی من دوست دارم زندگی رویای انسانیت ما
من فرستاده ، من مرتکب ، من هند من پسر رنگینکمان کشور با برادران من من بیشتر جنگجو در علت اصیل آمرزنده اینکا
من قوی ، من قوی بود و من مبارزه با شمشیر من این است که کلمه ای از عشق من این است سپر خوبی در قفسه سینه ام و من کلاه از هدایای پروردگار من
Ndari Ndari Ndari صدا صدا صدا از همان آغاز ما همه برادران! من دعا کنم دعا دعا ÖÜå ÖÜå ÖÜå زنده باد قدرت تمام جهان!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Sorry for the long break from blogging but I've been in the Inter-Not-Yet zone of rural Acre, Brazil on the border with Bolivia where there is a small Santo Daime community called Fortaleza and where we have a new media project. It's preparing to quick-launch the children into the 21st Century Age of Information as soon as Internet WIFI spreads across the State of Acre. (We are hearing stories that fast Internet will arrive by the end of the year.)

Here is a slideshow documenting the early stages of this project (during January 2010) which was brought to Fortaleza by Débora, Lorena and Pafy and funded by a grant from FUNARTE (a public agency supporting art and culture projects in Brazil).

The next video documents some of the artistic collaboration that the project is generating. Here, Clementino (our very talented local artist) is quick sketching a portrait of Loro (our talkative and engaging parrot) while Polidoro and Mateus use some to the new media equipment to document the process. As you can see, Loro developed quite a relationship with Pafy and Clementino, and then carefully inspected (with eye and tongue) his new portrait.

When the project finished, Loro returned to his favorite tree where I attempted to interview him. But he was up to his old trick of getting me to call him Jaco and giving a good laugh when I did.

To access more individual photos check out the Fortaleza Media Project set at Flickr.