Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is Way Cool

Jose Murilo has been my Internet guru in Brasilia. Once and a while I get to help out a little bit with translations and in the process I learn about all this groovy cutting edge technology and the digital revolution that is being promoted by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture under the leadership of world musician Gilberto Gil.

The vision is one of "digital inclusion" that will allow creativity, politics and commerce to flow in all directions. By providing broadband access and connectivity through municipal wi-fi, and through programs such as "Cultural Hotspots", the cultural, economic and regional "hinterlands" are gaining a new voice in Brazil, and now in the world.

The following videos provide a little more of the picture...

And, for me, there's more than the march of technology that is being revealed here. In a world that presents many surprises that are beyond our control at times -- like visas and cell phones -- it is still possible to "mash it up" into working for change with joy.


Spawdin Ulrich said...

I was right beside him at the Second Life presentation. I have to say I'm very proud of him!

Amazing how a game can give so many possibilities

Anonymous said...

Lou~ I am so glad to hear from you and your wonderful views, being somewhat limited to the world outlook in the USA media, thanx.

I poured water for a monthly Sweat Lodge yesterday and the theme in everyone’s prayers was community, inclusion and taking positive responsibility for our own beliefs and actions.

Life is glorious, your Sun Dance brother Gene

Lou Gold said...

Hey Gene,

How wonderful to hear from you bro. Yep, sweat hot and pray hard. What a blessing to have so many sacred paths and so many friends doing deep spiritual work on them -- in prayer and action, here and beyond. I send good thoughts and prayer to all my friends on the Red Road.

Ho Mituke Oyacin