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May 18, 2008
Obama Draws Record Crowd in Oregon

By Larry Rohter


Anonymous said...


Barack Obama is evil incarnate - he may even be the Anti-Christ ("... a man will come from the east..."). McCain & Hillary are only devil's helpers compared to him. They are all in the Council On Foreign Relations (see, meaning they are all, at least, conspirators and front-(wo)men for the trillionaires who run things.

Obama has a bill on its way to the Senate right now to empower the UN to take American's guns away from them. See Does he not know that the reason for the 2nd Amendment is so that people can protect themselves against tyrannical government (which the U.S. government certainly is)? I don't think he is naive on this issue.

Barack Obama apparently has charisma and is very intelligent, but he is not interested in protecting our God given rights to liberty.

Ron Paul is the only truly grassroots candidate with no apparent ties to the Illuminati. See

You can see and read more on the Freedom page at

Thanks, Lou.
Sam Bouman

Lou Gold said...

Thanks, Sam, for putting your perspective into my blog. I'd like to see more discussion here. Controversy and diversity of opinion are good things.

Of course, I disagree about Obama and think that he is in fact potentially dangerous to at least some segments of the establishment. Check out this editorial from the NY Times Obama is shaking a lot of establishment folks.

Fractalman93 said...

I'm just going to say that I have been behind Hillary Clinton from the beginning. Has she made mistakes? Sure. However, it seems to me that Barack Obama has made more mistakes. Yet, people don't focus on that. They focus on the fact that Hillary is a woman. It seems that the media would rather have a black man as president than any color woman.

That's all I'm saying here. You can read a lot more facts and my opinions at Progressive Thinker.

Lou Gold said...

Sorry Fractalman but it looks like it's all over tonight 3 June 2008.