Saturday, July 26, 2008

From the Heart of Divina Luz

True love
Is a great Divine Light
It is a flashing star
A beacon that illuminates...

Divina Luz is yet another of my homes-away-from-home in Brazil. Returning to it is... well, like coming home.

I feel a deep gratitude to Madrinha Conceição and her family who hold the eclectic space of the Divine Light Open Center in Brasilia. Here, a true love is very present along with the dear memory of Padrinho Dalton, who we thought we lost but who still remains in our minds attending to us with his loving heart.

On this night, a few of us gathered to share the hymns of Ronaldo who carries the magic of Mapia and the forest into the world.


I pieced together a few video fragments...

And thus we enacted our own love

for Padrinho Sebastião,


for Padrinho Daltro,

Pd Daltro Rays

and for Mestre Irineu.


Here's a little slideshow from the evening...

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