Friday, December 05, 2008

8th Ecounter for the New Horizon
Vila Fortaleza, Capixaba
Acre, Brazil
30 Dec 2008 to 09 Jan 2009


The Luiz Mendes family and the spiritual community of Fortaleza extends a grand invitation for you to join us for the Eight Encounter for the New Horizon which begins on 30 December 2008.

Here is the program:

12/30/2008 – Tuesday – 8 pm – Spiritual Work of Concentration – blue uniform;

12/31/2008 – Wednesday – 7 pm – Hinarios Centenario and Novo Horizonte of Master Counselor Luiz Mendes – white uniform;

01/01/2009 – Thursday – 3 pm – Opening of the Salon of Apui and Copaiba – Hinario Nova Era – Padrinho Alfredo Gregorio – no uniform; and 8pm – Lecture by Loriel

01/02/2009 – Friday – 9:00 am – A Day of Spiritual Works in the Forest celebrating the fifth year of the Enchanted Forest Park, no uniforms:

---Selection of hymns honoring nature – at the São Pedro salon;
---Hinarios "A Oferenda" of Edson Alexandre and "Misterio da Paz", of Evania Maria – at the Copaíba Salon;
---Hinario "O Pequenininho of Saturnino Brito – at the Cipo salon.

01/03/2009 – Saturday – 7 pm – Birthday of Mestre Conselheiro Sr. Luiz Mendes:
---Hinarios "A Bandeira" of Eduardo Gabrich and "Sou Feliz" of Tufi Rachid Amin – blue uniform.

01/04/2009 – Sunday – leisure day – boat promenade on Xipamanu river.

01/05/2009 – Monday – 7 pm –Day of Holy Kings and Offering of Works:
---Hinario "O Santo Cruzeiro" – Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra – white uniform.

01/06/2009 – Tuesday – 8pm – Healing Work: "Os Chamados" – blue uniform.

01/07/2009 – Wednesday – 8pm – Culture Day – Theater and Forró – no uniform.

01/08/2009 – Thursday – During the day, gathering jagube by men and gathering leaves by women. – 7 pm - Hinarios "Nova Jerusalém" of Padrinho Sebastiao Mota and "Novo Horizonte" of Padrinho Luiz Mendes. Blue uniform.

01/09/2009 – Friday - farewell and preparation for Feitio.

If you planning to attend please RSVP as soon as possible to Edson, telephones 68-9984-1432 and 68-3224-6372, email in order to discuss your travel and accomodation needs. Most people bring tents and sleeping gear for camping in areas that are sheltered from the rain.

There is a requested donation of R$ 350 per person to cover the cost for meals and services for 10 days.

If you would like to contribute some of your energies to the event, you might consider coming earlier or staying longer to help with the work. Or, if you can't come but would like to support the projects here, you might want to use the new DONATE button in left column of this blog to make a contribution.

We send our hugs and blessings and prayers that you and your families may have good health and abundance now and in the coming times.

Other contacts: Suzi 68-9226-0488, Cristovam Neto 68-9236-2989, Ana Emyli 68-9201-6677 and Paulo Eduardo 68-9205-8462.

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