Thursday, November 26, 2009

we reflect on the world and ask that everyone may someday have what today belongs only to some.

Photographer Collection: David Guttenfelder in Afghanistan
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With his bloodless and profound photo essay on the people and place of the war now about to escalate in Afghanistan David Guttenfelder has touched my soul. I know that few people will follow a link to a suggested photo collection so I have assembled it here. But I urge you to see the photos in larger display and peruse the comments at

I look at the photos and try to wrap my mind around what has been happening. I wonder that people live and wage war in such a place. I wonder that other countries before and the US now have spent a fortune in money and human lives, for what? I wonder that this place that seems as the end of the world has so much effect upon the world. I wonder how our predicament can be changed for the benefit of all?

"For the past seven years, David Guttenfelder has witnessed and documented the changing landscape of Afghanistan. Although mostly embedded with coalition troops, he has also covered the presidential elections, bodybuilders in Kabul, the state of Afghan prisons and daily life in the country. Guttenfelder is the chief Asia photographer for The Associated Press and over the past seven years has offered the general public a close-up, intimate look at the lives of troops fighting in the mountains and remote regions of Afghanistan."

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