Thursday, July 15, 2010


The music video above has emerged as an anthem for the struggles of indigenous peoples across India. Now, an email from our dear friend John Seed, relentless campaigner for the earth and her peoples, tells us of the Niyamgiri movement to stop the ecocide.

Niyamgiri is a sacred mountain in Orissa, India, that is inhabited by the Dongria Kondh, an indigenous tribe who worship this mountain as their god. Now it is threatened by Bauxite mining which will destroy the mountain along with the forest and its people. Please watch "MINE: story of a sacred mountain" and take some very simple action that could save this sacred place.

[UPDATE #1: I just found an embed code for the video which follows.]

Mountaintop removal, massive dams, oil drilling, air and water pollution are destroying local places around the globe. AmazĂ´nia, Appalachia, the Gulf of Mexico and the mountains of India all feed our appetites for energy and stuff. We are in this together. Now, with a few simple clicks of the mouse and the magic of cyber-connectivity we can act both globally and locally. So lets do it.

[UPDATE #2: The best way to link to the mountaintop removal issue playing out in the Appalachian region of the U.S. is via These are great activists, please check out the link.]

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