Friday, February 09, 2007

VI Encounter for the New Horizon
Photo Report #4

One whole day (and well into the night) was set aside for spiritual works in the forest. The Luíz Mendes family has a special relationship with a spirit, called Casmerim, who is a feminine entity who guards and protects the forest. This day of spiritual works in the forest brought us to a strong connection with Casmerim.


The Fortaleza community and the forest are inseparable and the commitment protection on restoration is very deep. The new plan for expanding the community forms around the effort to protect one of the last remnants of natural forest in this region, much of which has been badly damaged by logging and burning. Fortaleza's expansion involves an area of about 100 hectares (250 acres).

Approximately 70% of the area covered by the plan is natural forest


and this core forest is ringed by logged areas that are suitable for agriculture, residences and reforestation.


Over half of the land has already been acquired.
Solon made several presentations about the plan which includes both protection of the remaining natural forest and healing of the disturbed portions of land.


The government of the State of Acre is launching many initiatives to develop the vision of bringing people and the land back together in healing and harmonious ways. The continued electoral successes of the Workers Party have reaffirmed this goal


and the legacy of Chico Mendes, who lived and organized in nearby Xapuri, has formed a consciousness favoring sustainable development and forest protection.


The State of Acre has produced many environmental leaders, including the present Federal Minister of Environment, Mariana Silva. Currently there are many initiatives to create a good balance between people and nature. The Fortaleza plan seems like part of a broader movement, an Acreano vision whose time has come.


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Hi Lou, thank you for your beautiful pictures. I am in London where I just did a wonderful nova horizonte work with Luis Mendez. I googled Casmerim because I wanted to know more about her and got your site. Do you know anything more about this queen of the forest? I would be so happy if you could write to me if you do. Who is she, what does she do? does she live in the plants or just watch over them?

thank you,

light, peace and love,

Michaela -