Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Pico do Papagaio - driving toward Matutu - 2006

The natural beauty of Matutu seems to inspire everyone toward art. Making beauty is a major vocation in the life of many people -- it appears everywhere. I came under the same artistic spell. Building the previous post inspired me to do another one, presenting some of my previously published (and unpublished) images. Here are a few favorites from Matutu.

First, where exactly is Matutu? It's near Aiuruoca, Minas Gerais in the center of the triangle described by Brazil's three largest cities -- Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Second,what makes it so special? Many things, but consider this simple statistic: within 30 miles of Aiuruoca there are 8 named mountain peaks and 28 major waterfalls. The town itself is over 300 years old going a back to the early days of the gold rush and today many think that it's the fusca (Brazilian VW Beetle) captital of the world. Here's my photo album about it.

OK. Here are the images. Click on them to get descriptions and larger sizes.

Rainbow and Cabeça de Leon - Matutu 2006

Cruzeiro in Matutu Daime Church - 2006

Buddha and Pad Sebastião

Saint Francis - Matutu 2006

Candeia Gate - Matutu - 2006

Bromelia - Matutu - 2006

Pico do Papagiao from Mandala das Águas - 2006

Lilies in Sunrise - Maqtutu - 2006

Dawn Horse - Matutu - 2006

Buddha at Center - Matutu - 2006

Pico do Papagaio at Sunrise - Matutu - 2006

Guilherme and Sunrise - Matutu - 2006

Night-Blooming Cactus #2 - Matutu - 2006

Daime Table at Dawn - Matutu - Dec 2005

Micael and Caio - Matutu - Dec 2005

Leon and Aton - Matutu - 2005

Stained Glass Window #2 by Gui

Dining Area - Matutu - 2005

House - Matutu - 2005

Veranda - Mututu - 2005

Matutu Valley - 2005

Pico do Papagaio

Rainbow and Dining Hall - Matutu 2006

If you'd like to visit Matutu and you're looking for a lovely pousada
(bed and breakfast) to stay at you might check out these places:

Mandala das Águas

Pedra Fina


Doran said...

It's so beautiful there, and there are some really nice photos on this page too Lou.

Anonymous said...


I was trying to find out where Matutu was as my son who lives in UK went there Sept. 2007 and it was difficult to find out exactly where he had been!! He sent me a photo today of him sitting by a waterfall in Matutu so hence my search this morning. I can see what a beautiful place it must be. I have not been to S. America - yet -but living in Bunbury in Western Australia right now. Thanks for sharing with us. Jerry (female!)