Thursday, April 26, 2007

ON THE ROAD WITH LUIZ MENDES: With lots of help from Alexandre and Adriana


Getting around a metropolitan area of 20 million people such as São Paulo (South America's largest city) can be a huge challenge. But with Alexandre and Adriana in charge we were in very good hands. Not only did they find a way to accomodate a comitiva of 14 people and make sure that we had transportation to 5 different churches spread across the region but they filled our days with a tremendous sense of family and fun where everyone played and pitched in to create a real "work party" full of music and art and good food.





And there was a wonderful Santo Daime ritual at their young church Céu da Capela, which ended in a grand celebration of Saturnino's birthday.




I'd like to note that the spiritual work had been a very strong cura (healing work) which is not easy but, as Saturnino likes to say, "thank you for coming together to share the joy of our healing." It's a beautiful concept and the real results show in the faces of the people.


Click for a slideshow of more photos.