Monday, November 05, 2007


What a great title! Nope, I didn't create it. It's the name of a web site that provides quality english translations of contemporary literature from around the world.

My experience of living here in Brazil has taught me how incredibly uninformed I have been, as an Americano, about the world views and events happening from beyond US borders.
That's one reason that I got involved in assisting
Jose Murilo with his weekly roundup of what the bloggers are talking about in Brazil and the Portuguese-speaking world and, in the process, I got informed about the incredible coverage of citizen journalism being provided by Global Voices Online.

For example, Neha Viswanathan was able to get out a single post before martial law was declared in Pakistan, giving lots of links to breaking news. If you want regular ground-zero updates on the situation in Pakistan, Awab Alvi's blog, being run by Ange, currently can be found here.

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