Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hurricanes, McCain's election craziness, near war in the Middle East and, now, news that deforestation has risen 70% in the Amazon, and still more coming.

It's time to hear the call of the great Samaúma.

Yep, there sure is a lot to pray about in this crazy world. So many innocent ones are calling out. Please try to hear the Samaúma standing firm amongst them.

The video, by Amazon Region Protected Areas (ARPA) Program features an Indian boy using the Samaúma tree to make a call for the Amazon preservation.

In the Amazon, the Samaúma tree (Ceiba pentandra) is distinguished for its majestic size - growing up to 30 meters tall and 6 meters wide. Legend has it that the Samaúma is the home of Curupira, a boy-like supernatural being which protects the forest and the life it supports. The indigenous peoples (and the Curupira himself) use the Samauma tree's immense roots - the sapopemasto - to communicate, drumming on it messages that are sent through the forest.

Here's our special Samaúma at Vila Fortaleza. We're trying to develop a better way -- more respectful and sustainable -- for folks to live with the forest and its beings. Please keep us in your thoughts.


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afra said...

r this video of this beautiful song of Franciscus of Asisi.
I wish you all the best and good luck in all your ways.