Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brazil's Revolutionary
Cultural Wedge

Photo by Joi Ito

Gilberto Gil recently resigned as Brazil's Minister of Culture in order to return full time to his music. Jose Murilo has written a muito legal (very cool) homage to this tropicalist voice for an open digital culture

We previously reported Juarez Duarte Bomfim's amazing story of Gilberto Gil's early connection with Santo Daime and the recent petition to have ayahuasca recognized as part of the cultural heritage of Brazil. Here are two videos -- posted on youtube in Portuguese by the Acre blogger Altino Machado -- of Minister Gil receiving the petition at Alto Santo in Rio Branco here and here.

Jose Murilo sums up the nearly six year term of Gilberto Gil:

"For those of us who worked with him, the loss is big. For him, I think it will be great to feel free again to dedicate himself to music. And one thing is for sure: Gilberto Gil’s tropicalist term has transformed the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.

The tones and rhythms of his leadership will live on."

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