Monday, September 15, 2008

Psssst... do something.

I'm posting this devastating video as a public service. It comes with a recommendation of sending out to your lists. Good idea because the Electoral College outcome which is tied to the state-by-state races (not the national polls) is showing a very close race now -- a virtual tie or a McCain Electoral College lead.

If you'd like to follow the day-by-day polls with the deep analyses by a very smart group of folks (they have the best record of prediction), check out the web site of the Princeton Election Consortium.

One of the problems in assessing the polls is that they draw those surveyed from the lists of home telephones. This leaves out the cell phone crowd of mostly younger people. The impression has been that this tele-and-cyber-communicating crowd is more favorable to Obama. But there are plenty of conservative youth who were lukewarm about grandpa McCain and are now all gung-ho for Sarah. The joining of McCain and Palin at the hip can be seen as the counter to the Democratic strategy of making the link between McCain and Bush.

Perhaps the deconstruction happening on Wall Street will change all this
"power of positive un-thinking". The issues favor the Democrats but the Republicans have an uncanny ability to trump the facts with infotaining distractions and the politics of fear.

Psssst... do something.

UPDATE: Here's the latest Obama ad...

If the download is slow, here's the link.

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