Sunday, January 25, 2009


[UPDATE 26 January 2009: OOOPS! This post continued with an announcement that Santo Daime had been made legitimate in the USA. It seems that Brazilian enthusiasm was prematurely ahead of an actual decision from the judge. YES! Things do look very promising. NO! A final report has not been issued by the judge. FOR SURE, all prayers for a good outcome will be appreciated.]

Yes, indeed!!! The USA has a very special new president and the Santo Daime religion has been made legitmate. I watched the inauguration news reports (dominating Brazilian TV) with Padrinho Luíz Mendes in the boonies of Amazônia. He turned to me and said, "Congratulations Lou. I feel very grateful for this. It is the beginning of a new era." The doors to the free center of the heart seem to be opening in many ways. Here in Brazil, we are all very grateful.

[Previous report from Brazil removed due to inaccuracies.]


Anonymous said...

Puji Tuhan ! Dari Pak Newman, Bali, Indonesia

Anonymous said...

A Ho, wow, what a great time we are in. we're so lucky to live in nature and be quiet enough to hear or feel what wants to arise, love to you Lou, Marjorie

Malcolm said...

Are there any press articles on this yet?