Wednesday, April 29, 2009



David Leonhardt, the economics editor of the New York Times, gives us a lengthy and probing interview with US President Obama.

After the Great Recession

On April 14, President Obama gave a speech at Georgetown University, trying to explain why he was taking on so many economic issues so early in his administration. He argued that the country needed to break its bubble-and-bust cycle and cited the New Testament in calling for a new economic foundation for the nation. This foundation would be built on better schools, alternative energy, more affordable health care and a more regulated Wall Street, he said. Later that afternoon (shortly before the Obama family introduced its new dog, Bo, on the South Lawn of the White House), I sat down with the president to talk about how his agenda might change daily life in this country.

[UPDATE: Tim Egan has a 100 day assessment called, The Off-Brand Presidency that focuses on how Obama's style is breaking through many of the old political ideologies. When people are asked to chose a word to describe the new president, 78% say "intelligent".]

Continue reading the interview here.

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