Monday, June 15, 2009


Love Embrace of the Universe
Frida Kalho's, "Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth..."

I'm tempted to say, "Green is the color of my true love's hair." Here's why:

[Update 16 June: Color matters. The DAILY DISH and the HUFFINGTON POST were the first ones. Now, the mainstream media is joining the parade of green. In solidarity, the BBC has has gone green.]

Why? First and foremost in these interesting times is the fact that green is the color used traditionally to symbolize HOPE.

And there's much more. Here are a few things that I garnered at wondrous wikipedia:

In many folklores and literatures, green has traditionally been used to symbolize nature and its embodied attributes, namely those of life, fertility, and rebirth. Green was symbolic of resurrection and immortality in Ancient Egypt; the god Osiris was depicted as green-skinned. It is often used to describe foliage and the sea, and has become a symbol of environmentalism.

Green is considered the traditional color of Islam, likewise because of its association with nature. There are several reasons for this. First, Muhammad is reliably quoted in a hadith as saying that “water, greenery, and a beautiful face” were three universally good things. In the Qur'an, sura Al-Insan, believers in God in Paradise wear fine green silk. Also, Al-Khidr (“The Green One”), is a Qur’anic figure who met and traveled with Moses.

In the metaphysics of the Seven Rays of occultist Alice Bailey, the "third ray" of "creative intelligence" is represented by the color green. In Hinduism, Green is used to symbolically represent the fourth, heart chakra (Anahata). Psychics who claim to be able to observe the aura with their third eye report that someone with a green aura is typically someone who is in an occupation related to health, such as a physician or nurse, as well as people who are lovers of nature and the outdoors.

The univeral language Esperanto uses green as a symbol of mutual recognition. A green ribbon has been used is many campaigns. In addition to support for Mousavi in the Iranian elections, these include: environmental awareness; support for farm families; support cannabis legalization; and in Columbia it is used as a symbol for peace for the worn-torn countryside.

Last, but not least, here's my favorite story about A BEAUTIFUL GREEN STONE.


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