Tuesday, June 16, 2009


And, as is said in a Santo Daime hymn,

Be careful.

"I am only slightly aroused."

(Photos above and below by Flickr users iran09 and Hamed Saber, respectively)

The latest: The Huffington Post reports that,
Iranian Guardian Council Has Agreed to A Recount


(Yup, I know that you are problably glued to the media (as I am) and that you probably are already receiving the news, but as these archetypal paradigm-shifting events occur, I want to hold a record of it here in Visionshare.)

More from The Daily Dish where Sullivan has posted a lot of on-the-scene tweets and says,

What's going on in Iran is very hard to understand from the distance we are at. And interpretations of the dizzying events of the last few weeks have varied widely - and still do. In fact, it's hard to remember an event like this on which there is still such a debate. Some today have argued that Ahmadinejad won and that what we are seeing is some sore losers. Others have seen this as a turning point in the history of Iran. Others still think it may be somewhere in between. And the truth is: we do not know. At this point in time, I do not know. We may be misjudging this, over-reading it, misunderstanding it. All we can do is assemble as many facts and test as many theses as possible in real time.

And then you realize: the Iranian people do not know either. So many feel so robbed; others perhaps stay loyal to the regime. There are a dizzying array of actors and institutions now interacting in ways we have absolutely no way of knowing and are beyond the ken of all but a few Westerners. But that too makes an act of faith necessary.

Pray hard for the marvelous people of Iran.

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