Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ana Paula

Why is she an angel? She guided me step-by-step through the labyrinth Brazilian bureaucracy to the final outcome of attaining full resident status in Brazil (the equivalent of getting a "green card" in the US).

Full disclosure: I have been living in Brazil for 3 years beyond the expiration date of my visa. Then, in June, came the miracle that I had been waiting for -- the Lula Administration passed a general amnesty law that gave all "illegals" the right to a 2-year resident visa with full rights and during the final months of the term it can be converted into a permanent resident visa with no further renewal requirements. Not only that but it's design is actually "user-friendly" and client oriented which is most unusual in Brazil.

Nevertheless, getting through the bureaucracy in Rio Branco where few folks speak any English is quite a challenge. It took a week of traveling long bus rides to agency after agency and often being stopped by a Catch-22. That's when Ana Paula, who works in the "foreigner office" of the Federal Police, would be there for me every time with a creative solution. So I'm acknowledging her here with a deep bow of gratitude.

Beyond that, all I can say is, "Eu sou brasileiro."


fios da terra said...

parabéns dear friend!!!

pafreak! said...

Hello Lou!!! =)
Very nice your blog.
congratulations for your nice work at fortaleza.
Add your blog to mine! =)
see you soon...

libby said...

Dear Lou,
Congratulations on your Brazilian permanent residence status!
Even though we miss you very much in Oregon, I know that you are doing good works in the Amazon and salute you for your persistence and dedication.
We are all connected through the "Lady of the Forest"
Much Love Always,

Tenney said...


Mario said...

Lou my friend, Parabens!

Luis Eduardo Pomar said...

Hi Lou,
Great! I am very happy with your new status,

Tord said...

Great news, and heart warming to hear about the presence of angels in the Brazilian bureacracy.

David Senigo said...

Parabens Lou! I am so happy for you...

Anonymous said...

Parabens, Lou! Es uma coisa muito bem! Bob Byars