Wednesday, August 05, 2009


(AP: 4 August 2009) RIO DE JANEIRO — New TV ads are encouraging Brazilians to save water — by urinating in the shower. Brazilian environmental group SOS Mata Atlantica says the campaign, running on several television stations, uses humor to persuade people to reduce flushes. The group says if a household avoids one flush a day, it can save up to 4,380 liters (1,157 gallons) of water annually.

SOS spokeswoman Adriana Kfouri said Tuesday that the ad is "a way to be playful about a serious subject."

The spot features cartoon drawings of people from all walks of life — a trapeze artist, a basketball player, even an alien — urinating in the shower.

Narrated by children's voices, the ad ends with: "Pee in the shower! Save the Atlantic rainforest!"


Danilo said...

I always get annoyed when the a see someone enforcing the idea that we, common people, are responsible for the enviromental crises and thart we have to change our way of living (like pissing in the shower) to save nature. Only 10% of the drinkable water in the planet is used at the homes. The rest is used for industry and agriculture

Lou Gold said...

Right on Danilo.

And I think this is a great ad to connect people with the rainforest issue even if it does not offer a true solution. But world water shortages are already a huge issue and people could think about it while pissing in the shower..

By the way, do you think that Brazilians might be open to the message that 80% of the the Amazon destruction is due to eating meat?

big hugs to ya,