Wednesday, September 16, 2009



That's what the wild salmon of Idaho's Snake River want to do. They want to do it in the pools where they were born before migrating to sea to grow to adults and return when they "get the urge to merge" -- that is if they can get past the 4 dams that block all but a small percent who get up the fish ladders and around the obstacles.

Environmental groups and local activists have tried for years to get the antiquated dams removed and were hoping the the Obama administration might depart from 8 years of avoidance and denial under Bush to be the one to take action. But not so. Instead, the government is following the Bush approach with some new mitigation measures and will remove the dams only as a "last resort" after more "careful scientific studies".

In other words, instead of letting the salmon spawn until they die, they propose to study them to death.

Citizens have been appealing to Massachusetts Senator Kerry, who occupies a powerful position in the US Senate, to intervene as he has done on important issues in Alaska.

Last, but not least, here's the best Youtube clip that I could find. A superb vision of the wildness we seek to preserve in the few remnant places where it can still exist.

Yes, enough of the Salmon can get past the bears but they need our help to get past the dams.

Take action here.

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