Saturday, October 03, 2009


Jonah Lehrer has been reporting on how the city hurts your brain as well as sharing recent studies showing that nature not only heals but that it can make us more compassionate.

The city also produces its own very unique art forms that illustrate the pain thesis, mixed in with some distinctly urban visual entertainment. Here's a slideshow of some of São Paulo's famous graffiti and street art. Perhaps there's more than pain going on. Maybe even a bit of urban "nature".

What do you think?


Kelpie said...

Hi Lou - great pictures! Wonderful art. George and I love this stuff. The art reminds us very much of the kind of thing you would see in the avant garde art magazine Juxtapose, out of LA.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is such a great way to out grafiti the grafitiistas they are very respectful of this grafiti art. amazing, thanks, did you take all the photos? love you , marjorie

Pat Cegan said...

Remarkable! I would love to see a project like this with the teens in Neropolis. I will forward this to some people who might be willing to take this as a project. Thanks,Lou. You are making me more aware of what is all around us.

Lou Gold said...

Thanks to all,

Glad you liked my little graffiti romp. Truly, finding and making photos like these has turned out to be a wonderful therapy for me during my times in the big city. And lots of fun too.


David Wilson said...

no such thing as "very unique" it is either unique or it is not

enjoyed the artwork though :-)

Lou Gold said...

Yup, David. Quite correct. I tend to trash the rules because I write conversationally and often use "very" for emphasis and not to extend the the quality. Actually, I never learned any of the rules. This might change some because I'm now studying Portuguese and having to deal with its rules.