Saturday, October 17, 2009


A few days ago we posted the call for prayers issued by Jonathan Goldman in support of attorney Roy Haber's mission to Washington DC to discuss the government's intention to continue to appeal against the freedom of the Santo Daime religion in the US.

Here's Jon's update about what transpired and what needs to be done now:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the response to our request for prayers. We had people literally all over the world lending heart and prayer to Roy's efforts in Washington. What I want to ask you to do now is to keep it up. We have been promised a clear response to our requests in two weeks. The people who Roy met with were simultaneously listening to what he said and also strongly representing a dug-in, unfair and unnecessary position that we simply cannot agree to. Those folks will report to their higher ups, and there exist a number of possibilities as to how things will proceed from here. The baseline is, we are free and there is no likely outcome, no matter how things proceed, that would find that freedom removed form us. Some possibilities are longer , more complicated, and way more expensive than others. The details are in process, and we quite truly don't know what the government's response will be. Until we do, light sent to the Justice officials, and daily gratitude for the Santo Daime and its path are in order for us all. We remain hopeful and grateful for the gift of brilliant and dedicated representatives of our interest, and committed to fortifying our union to receive the next level of blessing that will come as this process plays out. I'll keep you updated.

In the Light of Freedom

Jonathan Goldman
Santo Daime
Ashland, Oregon

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