Monday, June 21, 2010


CLIMATE PROGRESS, the leading blog for those concerned about global warming, has a new post debunking the myth that the Internet is an energy hog as previously reported across the web and here.

According to Joe Romm and his associates,

For some reason, the power used by computers is a source of endless fascination to the public. Most folks think that the power used by computers is a lot more than it actually is, and that it’s growing at incredible rates. Neither one of these beliefs is true, but they reflect a stubborn sense that the economic importance of IT somehow must translate into a large amount of electricity use. That incorrect belief masks an important truth: Information technology has beneficial environmental effects that vastly outweigh the direct environmental impact of the electricity that it consumes.

So Google, Youtube, blog, and flickr as much as you want. If you are worried about your carbon footprint, buy 100% green power and do an efficient retrofit on your house to cover your emissions — and let the Internet keep saving people energy and resources.

Whew! Finally, one less thing to feel guilty about as we try to become more aware of our impact on our increasingly fragile and vulnerable earth systems. What a lovely gift of news on this Solstice day -- a whole new way to see the "clouds."

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