Thursday, June 03, 2010


Juan Manuel Santos
Juan Manuel Santos

Despite the major opinion polls predictions of a neck-and-neck race for President of Columbia, Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos trounced Antanas Mockus, a former mayor of Bogotá whose talk of a new, clean politics captured the imagination of middle-class Colombians. But the final count gave Santos 47% of the vote compared with just 22% for Mockus.

The "realist view" of The Economist contends that while Mockus' unorthodox and non-partisan style appealed to the urban middle classes, that Santos was perceived as more able to deliver security and economic opportunity to the less well-off masses across the country. However, since neither candidate achieved an absolute majority, there will be a face off in a second round scheduled for June 20.

The honest idealism and radical inventiveness presented by Mockus was covered well in this in-depth report from the Harvard Gazette which stressed that a whole new style of democratic participation was emerging. Of course, emerging is only the beginning of achieving. But, without doubt, a movement for the future has been unleashed, one that is worthy of our continued hope and support.

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lorena ortiz said...


Mimes, Red -dressed priests, stars on the floor, hands up, hands down, men locked for one day, bars closed at 1pm, a SUPERCITIZEN in yellow and red suite was on the road!!!!

The ones who where playing where aware to do everything as the Supercitizen ordered, the ones who dont, were attacked by its own Shame, when other citizens laughs and judges when mimes take out their hand-down card ...

Everyone was involved, laughing or fighting, believing or discussing, Bogotá wasn't the same city without law!!!


With his innovative ideas we start learning to Respect, don't stand on the zebra that the mime will take care! "Don't cross the red light that my neigbor can see me, what a shame", Everything was simple, just dont do whatever can harms, be a good citizen, respect the law, and dont contaminate"...

He started from the beginning, educating us to use our common sense, with riddles, rythms, colors, characters and simbols like a child Game!!!

The results where clear with the high impact and the reduction in deads...

Now I really claim to remeber all those funny days!!!!

Lou Gold said...

Beautiful, Lorena!

I hope that you NEVER forget those days and that they will guide the future for all of us.

hugs and blessings,