Thursday, December 30, 2010

HAPPY 2011

Here we are entering the second decade of the 21st Century. The first one was what is referred to in Oregon as a "doozey". Chances are that the second decade will be a double doozey. Go figure. I can't, so here are some simpler things.

Time has lost its old meaning for me. How do I read the clock? My beard is longer and grayer. My body is older. My eyes are clearer. My spirit is younger. All I can think of to say is that I like it this way and feel incredibly grateful.

2011 will be my year to return to full-time work -- for the forest and in service to its Queen. I'm not sure exactly how things will unfold but I know that I am sitting in one of the most special (and threatened) places in the world. I hope that we don't mess it up too badly. Maybe we can even begin to heal some of the damage that has already been done.

I have a strong sense that new forms of spirit-in-action are emerging. I will be part of that movement. My assignment is as yet unclear but I know that, as I show up to do my work, I will be asking more and more for your prayers and support for myself and others. Nothing can be accomplished alone. We do it or we don't. We destroy or we renew. It's that simple. Enough said.

I offer a prayer for each and everyone of us -- that, in this great catastrophe or labor of birth, we may know our place, our love, our joy and our work. So be it.

Big tree hugs to all,



paul t. horan said...

THANX, Lou & Happy New Year 2 U, 2, Dude!!!
From Love,

Rhino said...

Blessings to you for the New Year, too, Lou!! May 2011 be the best ever... even as we enter deeper into the birth canal of the Nova Era! Much love to you, Jan

Jim Britell said...

St. Louis

Glad to see you are returning to work.

Here is my last word on what kind of work you should do, and how you should do it. I won't importune you anymore.

Whether it is blacks voting or forever wild in the Adirondacks the only real forest protection or social progress that lasts and can resist continual incursions and efforts to void the protections are those placed into national constitutions through overwhelming popular grassroots demand, ( it is not the particular legal form that protects, but the fact that the protections or rights were created over the will of the government and business leaders by widespread popular demand.)

The popular demand and grassroots support must be created by nationwide barnstorming and many lecturers and speakers.

The movement must not be funded by foundations but by rich people.

You are the only successful living barnstorming forest activist known to me and that is what you should do, only this time, unlike Oregon, you should try to leave speaker bureaus and local organizations in place where ever you speak.

To save Brazil's forests you will need to create 5000 local organizations and find 1000 speakers…or more. But your preparation so far will enable you to do this.

You are of the fifth generation of forest activists and must rerun to the strategies of the first two that died out in the 1960's.

Don't repeat the bankrupt failures of west coast ancient forest campaigns - while we achieved some suspension of logging we never achieved permanent legal protections of anything except some small wilderness set asides because we did not do enough barnstorming - except for your efforts.

Other than what you did, there is nothing zero, zip to be learned from the forest campaigns of the 80's and 90's.

...even a one celled paramecium learns from their experiences.


Jim Britell.

Anonymous said...

Blessed be, I think I still want to use bio char as my weapon of reconstruction, just need a mobile unit to take around these trashed logged area's like behind the dome school, put a few folks to work , be a source for bio char ( it's s hard to find) and funding source for dome school. future dreams, I'm always remembering the end of your prayers it's lovely indeed. and isn't it so.
love marjorie

Tenney Naumer said...

I hope you have a great year and decade, Lou! Um grande abraço, Tenney

Anonymous said...

Querido irmão Lou salve a força da Floresta! Que a nossa Rainha lhe guie, lhe ilumine e lhe dê forças para novas caminhadas e desafios. Tomará que o parto natural e não cesariana (hehehe).
2011 cheio de Saúde e Paz!
Marcos Cruz

Anonymous said...

Salve grande irmão Lou que a força da Floresta e nossa Rainha lhe nessa caminhada!


Marcos Cruz

International Biochar Initiative said...

I admire your spirit and energy dear Lou. Looking forward to further collaborations, co-creations and cooperations with you over the next decade. Tudo Bem!

Lou Gold said...

[received by email]

Dear Lou:

Just found your blog - when I have time, I'll read all the posts.

If you remember, I hosted your road show several times at Rutgers University. Those events remain treasured memories, and I still use the information to this day. We just killed a plan to log the local county parks (Hunterdon County, NJ) by refuting their assertions that a logged and managed forest is a healthy forest. I made many of the points you did, those years ago. Certainly, as I made my comments, I thought of you, as I have many times over the years. I am very glad to see you're carrying on your passion in yet another amazing venue.

Be well, old friend.

Eric Zwerling

founder - Students for Environmental Awareness

nowadays -

libby Goines said...

Dear Lou,
Keep your heart always open and the Queen of creation will whisper into your mind the things you must do .. .. always remember to ask her to speak through you and you will do and say the right thing!
You are a worthy messenger and a Blessing to us all!
With much Love and Gratitude,
Takilma Oregon

cesar said...

love to you papa lou wishing you the best always ,health over all ,so hopefully we will meet again muito amor ,feliz año nuevo

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lou, for these wishes.

Com muito carinho,
Julie Major