Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Obama and Christ the Redeemer, on Twitpic, by @anglinho
Obama and Christ the Redeemer, on Twitpic, by @anglinho

It appears that Obama's recent visit to Brazil was not the complete party and celebration that was portrayed in the MSM.

The roundup of reactions in the Brazilian blogosphere by Global Voices' outstanding Portuguese language editor Paula Goes has been translated into English by Kitty Garden and posted at:

Obama's visit marked by protests, repression and criticism

His foray into the flavela was full of frustrations that were captured in raw video footage and published to a local blog which claims (suspiciously) that it was removed by the US (see: A Voz da Cidade de Deus "The Voice of City of God"). The frustrations were not about being prevented from protesting but from not being able to see the US president who is enormously popular in Brazil. There is something truly sad about the mix of exuberant enthusiasm and heavy police protection. You can view the video at Global Voices and decide for yourself.

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