Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Full disclosure: In the 1970's I threw away my near-to-completion PhD thesis because I saw that education based on institutional certification and passing tests was profoundly dysfunctional, granting the perks of status to a few and abandoning the many.

I already hear you asking, "so, Lou, what is your solution?"

I'm no model but I'm inspired by some fine examples. I believe that a much better educational system might look like this....

And now, I hear you asking, "well, what about the middle class urban dwellers of developed societies?"  The problem is that this "developed" person has no skill in feeding, clothing or sheltering one's self and one's family. The known skill is shopping and that requires an education (and income) for consuming. That's the system we have and many think it's not appropriate for the future we face.

More videos about the work of Bunker Roy here.

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