Friday, February 10, 2012


[UPDATE 16 September 2012 -- Sad news. An 18 year-old California man died as a result of ingesting a brew served during a ritual at the Shimbre Shamanic Center and there was an unsuccessful attempt at a cover-up. Here is the current google news page with links for more information.]

[YOU CAN STILL VIEW THE FILM AT:  Culture Unplugged ]

Very well done! There are many ayahuasca paths and not all journeys are sensational. I have not experienced this particular ritual line but, in essence, everything that is presented rings true within the context of my own spiritual journey. Ayahuasca is not magic; it is a burst of awareness that must be followed with a lot of hard work to create a different self and a different world. This later work -- to make the extraordinary into the ordinary -- is the best work that I know.

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