Wednesday, May 30, 2012


codigo florestal brasil

Yup, you read right. After the recent series of line-item vetoes by President Dilma Rousseff, no one knows what Brazil's latest Codigo Florestal text means, only that there will be another period of time for wiggling the weasel words to get final passage in Congress. This places the tough negotiations beyond the global spotlight of the upcoming RIO+20 (June 15-22). Many, suspect that this was the smoke-and-mirrors strategy in the first place. When the Senate compromise that satisfied no one failed to gain support in the lower House, the ruraliststas (extremists among the agribusiness interests) were allowed free-rein, resulting in an ecological nightmare and allowing Dilma to veto the most onerous clauses without defining a clear forest policy. Cleverly, Greenpeace has decided to challenge the whole process.

Greenpeace.brasil has chosen a KISS strategy -- Keep It Simple Stupid -- with a petition campaign for a proposed zero-deforestation  law that would eliminate large-scale clear-cutting while creating exceptions for small farmers, indigenous communities and ecologically sensitive logging.

If the petition gets 1.4 million signatures -- one percent of Brazilian voters -- then Congress must formally consider and vote on the proposal. Greenpeace has launched a Brazilian Friend Finder so that everyone can contact their amigos basileiros and share the process of kissing -- GOODBYE -- the recent devastating Forest Code changes.

[UPDATE: Here is the direct link for the petition for Brazilians.]

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