Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Saturnino and I both celebrated birthdays this week -- he reached 44 years on 3 March and I managed to arrive at 70 today (5 Mar).

photo by ana

Thanks to God and Santo Daime and lots of friends, I'm feeling younger all the time. For those who don't know what 70 years feels like, all I can say is that the years sure go by fast. So celebrate and play as much as you can.

That's what we did last week at the coast north of São Paulo. Here are a few pics of us (Lou, Saturnino, Luza) at Ilhabela Island


and the birthday cake at O Ninho do Beija-Flor de Luz (the nest of the humming bird of light) on Sunday morning following a night of Santo Daime rituals that combined healing and celebration.

photo by carol

Now that I'm in the city with a good Internet connection I will be blogging about the incredible journey of healing and joy that I've been on with the family and friends of Luiz Mendes.

I hope that you stay tuned.


luis eduardo pomar said...

Feliz Aniversário amigo Lou!!!!!

Jose Murilo said...

a big hug, papalou!
from your family at ceudoplanalto...

Andy said...

Happy 70th Lou!!!!!

Andy in Ashland said...

Lou~ You are beautiful sight for these eyes of mine. Happy BD friend. Thank you for your prayers and joy in the world.
Your Sun Dance brother, Gene

shaina said...

happy happy birthday!
it is hard to believe that you are 70!! congratulations!!
with love shaina o.

Kindi said...

Happy Birthday Lou! Many and blessed may your days ahead be! From all of us at Siskiyou Project, we send our heartfelt love and greetings. You look great and yes, younger than your days of sporting a beard. You also look very happy and the joy you have found in your new life, is an inspiration to all of us, who still regard you as our leader. Having known you keeps us stronger in our work to save the forests. Your wisdom still helps us. Best Wishes to you and your beautiful friends.
Love Kindi

Lou Gold said...

Thanks everyone for your beautiful comments and emails. The value of your friendship is beyond words or prices to me.

Among the many emails my greatest laugh came when my 86 year old uncle Ciggie wrote, "You look great Lou, not a day over 70."

Health and happiness to all.



Anonymous said...

happy birthday lou!
lots of love and hugs to you from us!
--neil and jaime