Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dia dos Santos Reis

Vila Fortaleza
6 January 2008

The Day of the Holy Kings is a very special one in the Santo Daime calendar of spiritual works. It celebrates the Three Kings of the Orient who, according to the biblical narrative, came bearing gifts for the baby Jesus.

In the Santo Daime tradition it is the day beginning a new annual cycle of spiritual works which are considered as a gift from the Holy Peace of God. Often, new members choose this day to "make their initiation", to receive the star symbolizing the path of Santo Dame.

Bruno Correia receiving his star

On this day the full collection of the hymns of Mestre Irienu are sung. The first part of the work ends with a hymn about São João (Saint John the Baptist) and is accompanied by fireworks. It's quite a celebration.

Then comes the singing of the Diversões, A Casa É Esta

and Bruno's fardamento

and, of course, lots of happy faces






More photos here.

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