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30 January 2008
Minas Gerais, Brazil

Going on the road with the Luiz Mendes family and friends is like being in a caravan of peace, joy and friendship -- both giving and receiving it. Our first spiritual work was at Flor Divina in Divinopolis (central Minas Gerais State). The church has a spectacular paradisaical motif portrayed in large murals.


There is the familiar painting of Mestre Irineu that also hangs on the wall of the church at Vila Fortaleza (it had been a gift from Pad Paulo to Pad Luiz) and the empty chair signifying the presence of the Master.


It was the night of the twice-a-month spiritual work of Concentração (meditation)


with the addition of a selection of hymns from Novo Horizonte (New Horizon is the ongoing and expanding collection of hymns received by Mestre Conselheiro Luíz Mendes).

Then the fun began as the two padrinhos (who had been friends for many years) started to trade stories. Pad Paulo (who Seu Luíz likes to call Dr Paulo because he heads a dental clinic) began by explaining that when they first met Pad Luíz didn't have any teeth.


Then Pad Luíz responded with, "yes, but you gave me back my smile."


The exchange was thoroughly enjoyed by all.



Then they paid a special homage to Mad Rizelda



And after the work, using their friendship as an example, Pad Luíz kept emphasizing the importance of maintaining good relations between the people, churches and lineages of the Santo Daime movement.


It certainly was evident here...




By the way, you might wonder how I came to know all this since I barely know Portuguese? The answer is that I had very special assistance from Marco Aurelio who speaks English quite well and loves to be helpful.


More photos here.

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