Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Today is the day that we honor our Amerindian brothers and sisters, the indigenous peoples of Brazil. We will celebrate tonight with our dear friend Shaneihu of the Yananawa tribe who is a good friend of the Santo Daime and many other spiritual traditions.

We will have in mind especially the indigenous peoples the Rio Xingu and their incredible struggle against the Belo Monte Monster Dam.

Here are photos and videos from one of his visits to the community of Fortaleza where he honored, with a pajélança presentation, our dear Luiz Mendes at the gathering celebrating his 70th birthday.


Pajélança is a musical healing tradition. More about it (in Portuguese) here and here.


The slideshow below begins Shaneihu singing for Luiz Mendes and ends with him administering the Indian snuff called rapé.

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