Saturday, May 07, 2011


Amazon Starscape

Some special flowers for Mothers Day.


Anonymous said...

Did you paint this? Beautiiful! What an amazing gift!

Lou Gold said...

Yes, my painting from long ago but recently "enhanced" in photoshop.

So glad that you like it.


nickm said...

What a nice painting!
Hello Lou,
We met over 20 years ago, I video taped you when you were here on Long Island, we made a tape of your talk that also showed your slides. I suspect you used the tape as an aid in spreading your word. I was watching this video today, actually importing it into iMovie6 to preserve my old vhs tapes and it occurred to me to look you up on line. What a pleasure to find you there, active, and that you are painting as well. I too am a painter, also a high school art teacher, and I will mention today’s discovery on Monday in my classes, especially the photo class where we have been making short videos.
How good to meet up with you once again,
Nick Maravell

Lou Gold said...

Cool, Nick. Isn't it interesting that the Internet, peering into the future, also give us such wonderful flashes from the past. Nice to meet you again on the cyber-trail. Thanks for the kind words and the good work you do with the kids.

BTW, that old video still gets a fair number of clicks at

Best wishes and good Amazon forest vibes to ya.


nickm said...

Hello again Lou,
And thanks for the great reply! I will look through the video you have posted. The one we made was far more simple and direct, just you sitting beneath a tree and I later inserted your slides to illustrate the points you were making. This video may have been one of your first. Yes, the Internet can be an amazing tool, bridging time and space. And, wouldn't it be something if we could clean up the world with the ease of a Photoshop like app?
All the best, Nick
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