Friday, June 17, 2011


Greenpeace is currently targeting Barbie doll’s parent company, Mattel, with its Barbie got dumped campaign — promising to aggressively campaign against the company if it doesn’t work to address deforestation in its production of the doll.

In an interesting twist from our Oregon Forest Defender past, Rolf Skar -- the Greenpeace campaigner featured in the video -- followed me as the lead campaigner of the Siskyou Project and later went on to bigger things. We are thankful for the passionate efforts of Rolf and his Greenpeace colleagues.

Mattel Responds to Greenpeace Barbie and Deforestation Stunt, Promises ... (blog) - Jennifer Mueller - ‎Jun 19, 2011‎
After last week's banner-dropping stunt at Mattel headquarters by Greenpeace, deforestation concerns began dominating the discussion over at Barbie's Facebook page. It got so bad that Mattel temporarily shut down the page to comments.


Tenney Naumer said...

Even Greenpeace should avoid the typical "it is all her fault" meme. Ken is packaged in similar boxes.

Lou Gold said...

Good point Tenney. Indeed, you don't see many pics of women wielding chainsaws against the forest. But, I guess that GP might expect Barbie to make that counter claim and thus create an interesting stage II for the campaign.