Saturday, July 23, 2011


Fashions for ExoAcre 01
Fashions for ExpoAcre -- photo by Lou Gold

This is opening day for ExpoAcre, Rio Branco's annual faire and exposition celebrating the farming, ranching and local culture of the region. It's much like a state fair in the USA, lots of beer, country music, exhibitors and, of course, a rodeo. A few years ago, I wrote a long photo essay about it.

The ExpoAcre theme is now a local popular fashion statement which can be both chic-chic and expensive. According to

For those who want to invest in the "look" to enjoy the nine nights the festival of farming in Rio Branco, it is best to prepare the pocket. A boot, for example, can cost up to $ 1,200. The hats, especially the women's with precious stones and a far more elegant style, cost between $ 200 and $ 300.
 Here are a few shots of shop windows displaying the elegance:

Fashions for ExoAcre 02
Fashions for ExpoAcre -- photo by Lou Gold

Fashions for ExoAcre 03
Fashions for ExpoAcre -- photo by Lou Gold

Note -- I had fun playing "fashion photographer" which is something I never tried before. I suspect that it's a lot easier using mannequins than live sets. The fashion folks work very hard.

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