Sunday, July 17, 2011


A couple of years ago Christopher Howe embraced a seemingly crazy idea that he could walk from Los Angeles to Brazil carrying little more than the prayers offered by people. No, not prayers offered for Chris but prayers of others that he would meditate on as he walked. He would meet a new person, pull a written prayer from his bag and exchange it for another prayer.

And so it went for more than two years. Chris interrupted the journey a few times to travel back to see his family and then returned to the last place he had walked to resume the journey.

A few days ago he completed the final stretch -- crossing 200km of wild forest between Pucallpa, Peru and Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil in 29 days that included getting lost (and found) more times than he can remember and having a nasty encounter with a sting ray in the river.

Details are still scarce but I'm sure that they'll be forthcoming. You can get the latest at Chris' Facebook Fan page


Anonymous said...

Interesting what the delusional belief in prayer will get someone to do. I wonder how many of those prayers were answered? Somewhere between zero, and random coincidence I am sure.

Lou Gold said...

And equally interesting is the fact that Chris' arrival in Brazil is not delusional. It's been said, "the mystery of prayer is not just to pray but to practice."

As Henry Ford quipped, "Whether you think you can or can't, you are right." Prayer is intention. Practice makes perfect. No free lunch. No guarantees.

clem said...

anonymous is delusional, he seems to believe that there is not a higher power and that we are not part of it. As you quoted, "whether you think you can or can't, you are right." Our prayers for others are more powerful than those for ourselves!

dave perry said...

one wonders who is delusional, those who believe in a non material intelligence or those who don't.

curador said...

It doesnt matter if prayer "works," the way anonymous thinks it doesnt. Prayer is, at the very least, setting an intention for your own emotional and mental state. Carrying these prayers as Chris has puts Chris in a state of compassion for others, and makes his walk a service to the whole planet. Think of it as a meditation to purfiy his own intentions and the meaning of his life. Prayer as intention and purification doesnt have to involve a higher power at all, or any religion, it's just deep psychology.

michael said...

River says:It takes alot of trust in the hearts of poeple to do something like this.One step at at a time,in prayer for others, will get us all home.