Thursday, July 21, 2011


Heart of Rio Branco
Heart of Rio Branco -- Terminal Urbano -- Photo by Lou Gold

I'm sort of overdosed on reporting all the bad forest news. It's a dangerous time for the Amazon Basin (and forests everywhere) and it really looks like things are going to get much worse before "Crisis Shock" arrives to change everything. Of course, I'll continue to provide important forest updates but I want to shift the blog emphasis more toward things that give me pleasure like making images.

The fact is that I love to make images -- intrinsically -- just to do it and not necessarily for any derived meaning or purpose. So now there's a "feature" at Visionshare. I'm calling it, "The Daily View" and I'll try to post an image everyday that I'm online. I hope you'll want to have a look.

A note on the images: each one is an actual photograph (not a construction) that I then took to the computer for a lot of color-enhancing. There's an incredible amount of color in Rio Branco. It is said that "color is the Acreano will to happiness." I like that idea of making happiness with color. I guess that's why I'm doing it.

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L.E. Pomar said...

nice pics, i really like the frame as well the shadow, good job!