Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Friends #1
Friends #1 -- photo by Lou Gold

The little cat and monkey seem to be great friends. I don't know them "personally" but there was time for a couple quick shots with the camera.

Friends #2
Friends #2 -- photo by Lou Gold

Friends #3
Friends #3 -- photo by Lou Gold


Gringa Go Off said...

love your blog but I hate to see monkeys on ropes or chains. Find it sad...

Lou Gold said...

Yes, Gringa. I can empathize with your view. Like birds in cages and pets of wild ones, there is a sadness. Domestication, like development, has its price.

Jan said...

I love your photos, Lou! Thank you. My thoughts about these series of photos: The little monkey is on a chain/rope and not in the wild. That's the reality. But it makes me happy to see that he has a friend in the cat... that they both have companionship! What sweetness!