Thursday, October 02, 2008


Speech by AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka

Sometimes I feel very proud to be part of an American democratic tradition that has inspired the world and continues to unfold today in many places under many banners. I know there's a lot of fear in the States these days and conflicts of culture and class and race are very real. (I grew up with them!) But there still are certain "inalienable rights" that run deeper and force us to to rise to new heights.

There is also something more that I didn't quite get until my Brazilian friend Daniel said, after watching the video, "what I love about the U.S. is that there are people like this who believe their words and are willing to publicly put forth the promises of politics... promises that are important for all of us."

I love it too!


Daniel Duende said...

It was indeed a very moving speech. :)

What maybe you forgot to mention is that I said that "these guys seem to put a lot of love in what they're saying, too. There's a deep passion running behind these speeches. Something that now I can conceive as more trustable than most Brazilian speeches, so cautious, moderated and blasé...

Great post, my friend.

David Senigo said...

I love the passion that he speaks with, because nowadays it is hard for a candidate to speak with that kind of passion he needs those around him to make these types of fiery speeches. IT IS THE TIME FOR EMOTION AND PASSION! IT IS THE TIME FOR A REAL AMERICAN DREAM! IT IS THE TIME FOR A REAL AMERICAN PRESIDENT INSTEAD OF A CORPORATE PRESIDENT!

Anonymous said...

I think that this is what is best in all humanity- a simple willingness to speak the truth regarding our essential human dignity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lou. I'll definitely send this on to folks. hugs to you...Barry