Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Antônio Gomez: "Meu Divino Pai Eterno"

Last Sunday evening the Santo Daime community of Brasilia was graced by the visit of Madrinha Adália Gomes Grangeiro, together with her children and an entourage, to sing "A Love Divine", the hymnal of Antonio Gomes who was one of the spiritual companions of Mestre Irineu. Madrinha Adália is the daughter of Antônio Gomez and the caretaker this beautiful hymnal.

Antônio Gomez: "Este Rei Que Aqui Está"

I have previously written about the musical doctrine of the Santo Daime religion which is based on the singing of "received hymns" rather than a written text that is codified and frozen as a book. The singers and musicians of a family line are like a traveling school and they are most gratefully received wherever they go. About a month ago, as the Granjeiro family was first starting their tour of Brazil, they made another stop in Brasilia at Ser Divino to present the hymnal of Francisco Granjeiro Filho who is the grandson of Antônio Gomez.

Francisco Granjeiro Filho: "O Jagube Está Aí"

Following the spiritual session a few members of the family treated us to some traditional forró music which is from the Northeast of Brazil, the region of Mestre Irineu's birth. Listening to this it's easy to understand why the music of the Granjeiros is acclaimed throughout Brazil.

Interestingly, the traditional forró music and rhythm are easily combined with the hymns of the Santo Daime. Here is Guilherme Granjeiro bringing the magic of his accordion to the singing and dancing of some of Padrinho Sebastião's Nova Jerusalém hymns at the birthday of Padrinho Luiz Mendes in 2007.

It is through this marvelous musical mixing of culture, religion and the families of Santo Daime that a great tradition is spread across Brazil and into the world. We receive the gift of the Grangeiros with hearts full of gladness, joy and appreciation and we are grateful for all the churches and families of Juramidam.

Viva! to the Granjeiro family.

Viva! to ALTO SANTO.

Viva! to the Sebastião Mota de Melo family.

Viva! to CEFLURIS.

Viva! to the Luiz Mendes family.

Viva! to CEFLI.

Viva! to the entire family of Juramidam.

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