Friday, October 03, 2008


Breaking Through

Well, I got to thinking about how to express the transformation going on in the U.S. After listening to that incredible speech by Richard Trumka I was at a loss for words so I played in the computer to find a way to portray breaking through the color barrier.

And I thought of the story of how the tiny flap of a butterfly wing can build into a hurricane on the other side of the planet. So here's a black and white one bursting into a hurricane of color.

Butterfly Changing the World

As many are saying globally -- and not only in the context of the US election -- "now is the defining moment". It seems to be happening all around me. Perhaps it's that way for you too. What a privilege it is to participate in these incredible times.

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Gogo Sebastião said...

Great Art, man.

I truly hope that the USA can come out of this crisis as a flying butterfly, leaving the consumism behind in the chrysalis.

By the way: Do you know what is the fastest dairy product?
Butter, 'cause butter... flies, :o))