Tuesday, March 30, 2010

el silencio

Above, a slideshow of the current favorites of one of my favorite photographers, "el silencio." I think I would have added many more to his choice of 20. But choosing where to stop would be difficult. Check them out at el silencio's photostream at flickr.

Today's NY Times has a very interesting article on the way digital photography and flickr have been elevating the amateur and challenging the professional. Of course, there's an on-going debate about whether excellence is being promoted or vulgarized in the digital age. For some interesting historical context and provocative reflection on this, see David Sasaki's "Pro-Craftsmanship, Anti-Virtuosity.

But now, as I watch the images pass through the window above, there is something pulling me beyond the debate, almost as if the Buddha might be present saying, while pointing toward the moon, "Look at the moon, not at the finger." Beyond and transcending the polarities of amateur/professional or craftsman/virtuoso lies the mystery which is revealed through the likes of the lens and vision of an el silencio. This is the unfathomable but clear presence of art!

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