Monday, March 29, 2010



A new campaign to gain US Congressional support for payments for avoided deforestation in the tropics is raising a lot of eyebrows.

Jake Schmidt explains why a new advertisement campaign run by the Ohio Corn Growers Association and Avoided Deforestation Partners is stressing the need to protect tropical forests.

Is this just an imperialistic US campaign to prevent tropical countries from profiting in the style that the US did in its own past development scenario? Not really. It seems that the large Brazilian industrial farmers and ranchers are also arriving at the conclusion that uncontrolled deforestation is just not in their interests. In the past year both the soy industry and the beef giants have agreed to moratoriums on production from recently deforested areas.

All of this seems to coincide with the good news that global deforestation has been slowing down. We can only hope that these trends continue once the world has recovered from the recent global recession.

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