Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As the homages to Glauco Vila Boas pour in from across Brazil and abroad I am moved to share a small story of my first encounter with his wonderful family which took place about two years ago. Being a Damista I had often heard of how this famous cartoonist had opened his heart to all who were seeking healing via the doctrine and sacrament of the Santo Daime. Indeed, Glauco was sometimes described as a "medicine man for troubled young people" opening his heart, his home and sharing the joys of his family with all who came to him.

I experienced this personally as I watched the joy of a young friend who had been touched by Glauco as he brought me to meet him and Raoni and Bia. In this open home next to this open church with its open view of greater São Paulo, I believe that I have never witnessed such a delight in the simple act of making an introduction. Everything seemed elevated and expansive as in the view of the city.


I am told that my young friend is now in deep grief, crying a lot and murmuring "my Padrinho has made his passage." I myself felt something beyond words, like needing to express something. So this post is for the living -- for my friend and the many others who were touched by the gentleness and generosity of the great soul of Glauco -- and it is offered with the hope that Glauco's prayers for the healing of troubled lives may be attained. May God bless us all and especially the family of Glauco in this time of grief.

Here are a few of the many video homages that have appeared at Youtube in the recent days:

And here's a youtube playlist with many of the Santo Daime hymns of Padrinho Glauco.

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patcegan said...

Thanks for sharing this, Lou. Not only do I pray for this remarkable man and his son and their, but also for the soul of the young man who killed them. Surely we must have compassion for this tortured man even as we grieve the loss of our Brothers.