Wednesday, November 03, 2010

(Colors: What You See is What You Get)

It's interesting how the scan of perception can be influenced by a single insight or shift in focus. Ever since I got on this colors-in-Rio-Branco kick, the colors seem to amplify and multiply everywhere I look. And what's even more interesting (and rewarding) is that my Rio Branco friends who follow this blog are reporting the same thing. It's like we are fish discovering water.

The quantum physicists are now arguing (and proving experimentally) that things really don't exist until they are measured or observed and that the instruments (the eye, the camera, the electron microscope) of perception (or consciousness) create realities that did not exist before they were seen.

Thus, the world seen is the world received and Rio Branco is a most colorful place. What fun. Try it in your place.

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