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[Update 24 November 2010 - Read the NY Times Save-the-Tigers Editorial]

It all started when Leonardo DiCaprio had re-tweeted [Andrew Revkin's] recent suggestion that Apple, which has long named its Macintosh operating systems for the tiger and other wild cats, help conserve the world’s last few dozen havens for wild tigers. DiCaprio has been working with WWF (known as the World Wildlife Fund in the United States) to build support for tiger conservation in advance of the international meetings on tiger conservation this week in Russia. [Read the full Dot Earth story.]

Quickly, readers began the search for other institutions with tiger logos -- Princeton, Detroit, Exxon, Kellog, and more -- all of whom might appropriately "pay back" with some support for the campaign to save these great cats.

Here's the Wikipedia list of many institutions with tiger logos that might be encouraged to help save the dwindling numbers of wild tigers. If you are a Mac user or have shares in Exxon or Kellog or are simply motivated to help this campaign go viral, please spread the word and pick a few links and ask that they support the "Save the Tiger" campaign.

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