Saturday, September 10, 2011

THE DAILY VIEW: Mistura da Amazônia

"PIEDADE AMAZÔNICA" -- painting by Clementino

Brazil seems (to me) to be distinctly different from the US pluralistic multicultural "melting pot" in that it presents as a national characteristic and goal an actual blending in addition to a mere cultural mix. In the words of world musician and ex-Minister of Culture Gilbert Gil, "Brazil is the world's miscegenist culture." The cultural (and, often, biological) goal is a great blending, or as a Brazilian might say, "uma mistura grande e bonita".

Bruna - Artur - Clementino
Bruna - Artur - Clementino

One sees this special Brazilian beauty often in the caboclo cultures of the Amazonia and the North of Brazil where the African, European, Indian, human, plant and animal mix into a vision found nowhere else on earth. Santo Daime presents one of many versions of this great planetary dream of a culture of deep connection.

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