Friday, September 02, 2011

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Christopher Howe has made it to Mapia

Cristopher Howe

When I last saw Christopher Howe, he was chewing on a straw, shining a big shine and embarking on the final leg of his epic walk that started nearly three years and many 1,000s of miles ago in Los Angeles, California.

In the "short" distance left he would have to walk about 120 road miles to Boca da Acre, swim across a big river, and hike 70 miles through deep forest to arrive at his final destination of Mapia.

Chris on the road to Boca da Acre

Now, word comes from our mutual friend Alexandre Lins that Chris made it safe and sound to Mapia and, for many of us, the words "Mission Accomplished" have taken on a new and very beautiful meaning.

As we anxiously await hearing a first-hand account from Chris, we send hugs, blessings and deep appreciation for his incredible journey.

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Miranda said...

Lou with a heart of Gold and a heart of an angel, who supported,loved,helped in the most incredible ways in helping Christopher accomplish these last parts of his mission this past year. Thank you for keeping us updated. I am eternally grateful for all your support. You have brought a lot of peace for me along the way. It has been one Amazing journey with many miracles inside and out.
He is an example of walking in courage, faith, and trust in God and people... going beyond reason, beyond the borders of his mind and living in possibility.

He continues to always inspire me.
Giving thanks for his safe arrival!!!
With deep gratitude and love,